Telecom Services Supported


Comprehensive Service for Every Facet of Telecom Taxation

Extensive breadth in telecommunications enables CCH SureTax Communications to cover variety of communications services, including:

    • Long Distance
    • VoIP – Including Fixed, Nomadic, and Wireless
    • Cellular / Mobile / Wireless / MVNO
    • Local Services (ILEC / CLEC)
    • Prepaid Phone Cards
    • Private line / Data line services
    • Broadband / Cable / Internet
    • Bundled Services
    • Digital Goods
    • Miscellaneous Telecom Charges and Fees, such as
      -   Voice Mail, Teleconferencing, Information, Directory Assistance
      -   Installation, Leasing
      -   Setup, Termination and Late Fees
    • Machine to Machine (M2M)
    • Hardware Sales or Leasing
    • Wireless Enhanced Services (Ringtones, Media, Text Messages, etc)
    • One-Way and Two-Way Paging Services

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