Have you ever lost revenue due to a misquote of total service cost?  Have you ever absorbed taxes because a sales agent didn’t, or couldn’t, accurately quote taxes? 

Quote taxes correctly every time with SureQuotes.

SureQuotes is available as a stand alone tool, or as an integrated component of CCH SureTax.  SureQuotes allows you to pass the pending transaction data and receive all of the correct taxes and fees that would apply to that service based on the service type and location.  The data is updated with the CCH SureTax production environment, the only difference is that the data is not saved and therefore will not affect your reporting or compliance calculations. 

SureQuotes facilitates an eCommerce platform allowing you to properly present the subtotal with all of the correct taxation applied so that the consumer may make an informed decision.

With the new mobile quotes option,  you can be sure your sales agents always have the correct tax data to quote your prospects because tax quotes are available on mobile devices through the release of our Windows Mobile application.

For a demo of SureAddress, contact us.

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