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Product Information - CCH SureTax Communications

Get real-time calculations of telecom taxes in more than 10,000 jurisdictions. Ensure the accuracy of your tax calculations, reduce risk, cut costs and sales valuable time with  CCH® SureTax® Communications, the most robust, real-time, accurate tax calculation solution designed specifically for the telecommunications industry. SureTax® easily adjusts to your evolving products and services, and can be customized to meet jurisdiction or industry specific nuances. 

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Product Information - SureAddress

Announcing SureAddress®, the advanced address correction solution optimized for billing, taxation, direct marketing, and more. SureAddress® enables companies of all sizes to improve operations by correctly identifying the correct situs down to the complete zip+4.SureAddress® takes incomplete, misspelled, or otherwise incorrect addresses and “scrubs” them down using a robust algorithm to determine the correct address with complete zip+4. This corrected information is then used for proper jurisdiction assignment and mapping.

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Telecom Tax Rules

Presentation - OVERVIEW OF TELECOM TAX RULES: Key Consideration for Building a Successful Workflow

Originally presented at TeleStrategies by Wolters Kluwer and SureTax, this presentation covers:

  • How telecom taxation differs from general sales and use tax
  • An overview of key telecommunications tax terms, concepts, processes and rules
  • A discussion of nexus
  • Simple, web-based solutions for calculating telecom taxes and fees that integrate with existing financial systems
  • Options for collecting data that can be used for reconciliation, reporting, filing taxes and fees, and eventual audit support.

Download Overview of Telecom Rules


Taxing the Cloud

Article - TAXING THE CLOUD: State and Local Tax Issues

The media buzz surrounding cloud computing and industry talk regarding the multitude benefits cloud-based solutions offer companies of all sizes has been unavoidable in recent months. Whether for cost savings or the reduction of administrative burdens, businesses are increasingly turning to cloud computing to address their technology needs. 

Download TAXING THE CLOUD: State and Local Tax Issues



M&A Issues

Article - M&A Issues Regrading Sales Tax and Cloud Providers


Unless you’ve had your head buried in the proverbial sand, it would be impossible to miss the consolidation wildfire that is rapidly consuming the Cloud Computing and Communications industries.

It seems not a week goes by without yet another merger or acquisition involving a cloud computing provider.  Download M&A Issues Regarding Sales Tax and Cloud Providers




VoIP Compliance

White Paper - VoIP Service Compliance with Communications Taxes and Regulatory Fees


This white paper is designed to give the reader an overview of the federal and state landscape related to the regulatory and tax issues associated with telecom taxes and voip taxes.  VoIP is no longer considered an emerging technology requiring protection and incubation.  Success in the VoIP industry will at least partially depend on the understanding of the tax and regulatory environment and implementing effective strategies to minimize their costs and risks. Presented by The CommLaw Group.

Download the VoIP Taxation White Paper



Implications of FCC decisions

Presentation - Regulatory, Tax and Business Implications of Recent FCC Decisions Related to Enhanced Telecommunications


This TeleStrategies 2011 presentation examines the micro and macro forces affecting recent FCC decisions and the impact telecom taxes, VoIP taxes and other advanced data services. Presented by The CommLaw Group and TaxConnex.

Download Regulatory, Tax and Business Implications



Advanced FCC Reporting

Presentation - Advanced FCC Revenue Reporting


Presented by Marashlian & Donahue, LLC (The CommLaw Group) at TeleStrategies Communications Taxation 2012, this presentation reviews misperceptions, mistakes and missed opportunities.

Download Advanced FCC Revenue Reporting




Regulatory Landscape

Presentation - Regulatory Landscape: FCC Regulation of Non-Interconnected VoIP and the "Cloud"


As regulation again lags technology advancements, regulatory risk and uncertainty prevails.  The factors driving the uncertainty are explored along with practical strategies and advice for VoIP and Cloud service providers. Presented by The CommLaw Group.

Download the Regulatory Landscape Presentation


Fees on the Rise

Presentation - VoIP Taxation and Regulatory Fees on the Rise - Your Guide to Compliance


This presentation covers a brief history of VoIP regulations, examples of fees, enforcement, trends and the impact on developing VoIP business. Presented by The CommLaw Group.

Download VoIP Taxation and Regulatory Fees on the Rise