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    SureTax presents 'Tax on Tax: Hall of Mirrors' at TeleStrategies 2012

    Posted on Mon, May 21, 2012 @ 11:04 AM

    Last week the CCH SureTax contingent invaded Orlando for the 2012 TeleStrategies Conference.  Our knowledge team was honored to be asked to present two seminars.  The first seminar entitled ‘Tax on Tax: Hall of Mirrors’  gave great insight as to how not properly handling Tax on Tax can cost you as much as a full percentage point of lost revenue and lead to liability exposure of even greater than that.  This seminar not only proved to be informative, but demonstrated how deep our team’s understanding is of the even the smallest detail of taxation issues that can negatively impact your business.  Please visit our Resource Center or click here to download the Power Point deck of 'Tax on Tax: Hall of Mirrors'.
    The second seminar was held as a roundtable discussion on handling taxation issues as it relates to trunk lines.  Again, the CCH SureTax team displayed a very impressive command of the subject matter.
    Overall the conference was very successful and once again proved that our depth of knowledge and commitment to serving your industry is second to none.  For more information on these two presentations or just to simply ask a question related to your taxation challenges, please contact us.


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    Digital Goods and Services Tax Fairness Act

    Posted on Thu, May 17, 2012 @ 04:37 PM

    As I speak with providers about telecom tax, the HR 1860:Digital Goods and Services Tax comes up in conversation.  I've posted a copy of the act at the bottom of the Papers and Presentations section of our Resource Center.

    From there, you can download HR 1860 and track the progress of the legislation. 

    At the moment, the tracking shows that HR 1860 has a 25% chance of becoming law.

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    Meet us at TeleStrategies Telecom Tax Conference

    Posted on Thu, May 10, 2012 @ 12:28 PM

    We're looking forward to the Telestrategies Telecom Taxation conference, next week in Orlando.  We will be speaking on Thursday at 1:15 PM.  The presentation is "Tax on Tax: Hall of Mirrors". 

    Telecom taxation is a small world and we're looking forward to spending time with colleagues and clients.  We're also looking forward to meeting those that are new to the space.  It amazes me that telecom is still a growth industry a century after it began.

    We'll see you at the presentation. 

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    Announcing SureAddress, the advanced address correction solution

    Posted on Tue, May 8, 2012 @ 07:46 AM


    ATLANTA, GA. Announcing SureAddress™, the advanced address correction solution optimized for billing, taxation, direct marketing, and more. SureAddress enables companies of all sizes to improve operations by correctly identifying the correct situs down to the complete zip+4.

    SureAddress takes incomplete, misspelled, or otherwise incorrect addresses and “scrubs” them down using a robust algorithm to determine the correct address with complete zip+4. This corrected information is then used for proper jurisdiction assignment and mapping.

    “Incorrect address information always is a burden for companies who sell multiple products or services across jurisdictions. Sales reps, field reps and customer service reps often enter incorrect addresses in the system, and without realizing it, they can dramatically affect billing and taxation. SureAddress enables companies to automatically identify and correct these issues without having to interrupt the customer. SureAddress pays for itself by improving billing and taxation efficiency. For example, addresses can cross over a jurisdictional line, creating taxation issues that can lead to settlement expenses, interest and penalties. With the jurisdictional mapping capabilities of SureAddress, providers can rest assured that they have more accurate data for basing their tax collection and remittance decisions."

    SureAddress also makes sure your direct marketing dollars go farther. Target mailing lists are often incomplete or misspelled and seldom have an accurate zip+4. Processing the list through SureAddress before mailing improves deliverability, ensuring more of your promotional material actually reaches the intended recipient.

    SureAddress is delivered as a “real-time”, software-as-a-service (SaaS) based, cloud computing methodology. Utilizing an easy to use interface, SureAddress enables a streamlined workflow that is easily integrated into billing or tax systems.

    About the SureAddress team

    For almost 2 decades, the team behind SureAddress has extensive technical expertise in developing high volume, high security, transaction processing systems in areas such as Telecom Tax, VoIP Tax, Health Care, Payment Processing, and Government Search Database systems which are subject to extensive security and uptime protocol. SureAddress is hosted in redundant Type II SAS 70 co-located facilities in Atlanta, GA and Phoenix, AZ.

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    Telecom Tax - 114 years of Telecom Tax Compliance

    Posted on Mon, Apr 9, 2012 @ 01:38 PM

    Greetings telecom entrepreneurs!

    As we experience this new "Telecommunications Spring" where entrepreneurs again redefine the world of telecom offerings, I thought for a moment about where this all started.  For us at SureTax, we do telecom tax, so for us it started in 1898.

    114 years ago this month, the United States instituted the first telecommunications tax.  The Spanish-American war was causing federal deficits and new taxes were needed to refill the treasury.

    It's difficult to imagine what telecommunications meant in 1898, but you can be certain that to any user, the service was amazing and revolutionized life in America.  The telegraph, America's first digital service ("baud rate" was a telegraph term!) barely compares to current digital offerings, but for us tax and billing techs, you have to wonder how they billed for the services.

    Today, the billing is as advanced as the communications.  At SureTax, we handle a variety of telecom taxes - VoIP, digital goods, M2M just to name a few, and provide the services that go along with rating calls.  With a telegraph, you might have been billed per message.  Now, with wireless, there are separate billing schemes for fixed plans, overages, phone purchases, data and more.  With over 10,000 jurisdictions, the billing can be as complex as the technology behind the service.

    At SureTax, we provide the technology to stay in compliance with telecom tax laws.  Plus, we offer SureAddress, an address validation and correction tool that will make your billing system happy. All of this comes from CCH, the most powerful name in tax content.

    If you're a startup in this "Telecommunications Spring", we can help.  We know telecom tax, telecom billing and telecom solutions.  Give me (Brent) or Mike a call and we can help you figure out how to implement a tax compliance solution for your telecom business.

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