CCH® SureTax® Communications.
Get communications tax compliance right from the start with real-time, accurate communications tax calculation and reporting.

Reduce risk, cut costs and remain in compliance with CCH SureTax Communications, the robust, real-time, accurate communications tax solution. 

CCH SureTax Communications is the tax calculation solution designed specifically for the unique needs of the communications industry. CCH SureTax Communications combines communications tax research with communications tax rules to generate the tax calculations and reports that you need to maintain tax compliance.

Tax calculations are driven by tax research data from Wolters Kluwer, the source of the most complete, up-to-date research data available in the communications industry, with tax applicability data and rules covering the more than 10,000 jurisdictions in the U.S., its territories and Canada.

With customization options, CCH SureTax Communications easily adapts to your evolving products, services and tax needs.

CCH SureTax Communications Enables Businesses of All Sizes to Be Up and Running with Communications Tax, Quickly and Easily

  • Easy Set-Up. Simplifies your workday with a user-friendly interface and painless integration into billing systems, remittance systems, accounting systems, shopping carts, and in-house reporting systems. There is no special hardware or software required to provide detailed tax calculations or retrieve data rich reports.

  • Ensure Accuracy and Reduce Risk. Accurately bill and collect transaction taxes for communications, maintain the proper tax rates and rules across all your service jurisdictions, and properly apply those rules to all your offerings. In addition, you’ll simplify the process of verifying proper nexus, reversing the calculation of applicable excise, and stay on top of other miscellaneous taxes and fees.

  • Generate Detailed Reports. All data is auto-aggregated in remote data repositories, so you can easily create custom reports or access detailed standard reports that will support your monthly tax compliance, regulatory reporting, reconciliation, revenue analysis and audit defense.
  • Simplify Customer Exemption Management. Save time with customizable transaction and market segment tax exemption and override handling.
  • End-of-Month Compliance Support. All results can be easily retrieved for in-house and remittance systems or made available to any compliance service provider.
  • Rely on the Most Trusted Source. Backed by more than 100 years of CCH tax and legal research, CCH SureTax Communications represents the industry standard for communications data. With tax information so accurate that even the IRS uses it, your company can be confident you’re basing your decisions on the most reliable information available.

    CCH SureTax Communications supports taxation for Telecom and Media segments including:

    • Long Distance
    • Local/ILEC/CLEC
    • Cellular/Wireless/Prepaid Wireless/Mobile
    • Wireless Enhanced Services
    • (Ringtones, Media, Text Messages, etc.)
    • Teleconferencing
    • Satellite Services
    • Private Lines/Data Lines/Wireless Data Services
    • Voice Over IP (VoIP) — including Fixed, Nomadic and Wireless
    • Internet, Cable and Broadband Services
    • Digital Goods
    • Hardware Sales and Leasing
    • Colocation and Cloud Services
    • Machine to Machine (M2M)
    • UCaaS
    • MVNO/MVNE Data

    Features include:

    • Value Added Tax (VAT) Calculation Coverage. VAT coverage is available for over 130 countries. Just as with existing domestic products and services, the VAT rates can be applied and customized at the product or service level based on the service provider’s input. This provides flexibility that allows you to customize according to the policy.
    • SureQuotes. In addition to robust tax calculation results, CCH SureTax Communications delivers SureQuotes — tax calculations for a product or service that are separate from the tax calculations for monthly reporting. Specifically designed as a method for providing tax quotes to end-user customers, this feature can also be useful for implementations such as performing taxing “what-if” analysis, tax amounts for shopping carts, and enabling quick delivery of tax information to customer support staff.
    • Calculation Transparency. Unlike many tax rating systems that are delivered as a mysterious “black box” performing the calculations, CCH SureTax Communications provides transparency by storing detailed calculation values for each transaction, including non-taxable and tax exempt revenue, tax breakpoints for tiers/thresholds and tax on tax. You can review the granular calculation results anytime via your web portal.
    • Multiple Content Months. CCH SureTax Communications allows users “real-time” access to historical tax rates, rules and situs content for tax calculations. Reverse audit tax projects and tax only credit adjustments has never been easier.
    • Implementation, Training and Consulting Services. Get the most out of CCH SureTax Communications. A pre-defined project methodology including system configuration and set up services help you start processing more efficiently. Let the experts assist you with implementation and training your staff. Our project approach is customized to help you gain the best results for your company.
    • Seamless Integration. CCH SureTax Communications provides a flexible interface with an easy-to-use API that can be integrated into billing and ERP systems or other internal systems capable of Internet data requests.
    • Reporting. The CCH SureTax Communications reporting engine delivers data-rich reports that enable the review and reconciliation of a wide variety of financial and service data elements covering federal, state and local tax. All client tax calculation results are auto-aggregated for end-of-month tax compliance, regulatory reporting, reconciliation and audit support. From within the CCH SureTax Communications web portal, each report is delivered on-demand with a variety of filtering options. In addition to the web reporting presentation, reports can be exported to such popular formats as Excel® and CSV.

    Custom reports and outputs are available upon request, and easily added to CCH SureTax Communications to meet your specific requirements. With end-to-end solutions developed and supported by Wolters Kluwer, you can be confident that your tax department is using the most reliable indirect tax solutions available.

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        • Communications Services Support. Extensive experience in telecommunications allows us to provide comprehensive coverage for a variety of services. CCH SureTax Communications offers comprehensive service for every facet of the rapidly changing communications industry. Read More >

        • Technical Information. CCH SureTax Communications easily integrates with ERP, OSS, and billing systems through our robust Application Programming Interface (API).  While CCH SureTax Communications is built with the most advanced Microsoft technologies, our interface supports a variety of implementations through the use of SOAP or HTTPS POST. Read More>


    Learn more by downloading the CCH SureTax Communications fact sheet.


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