• “Real-time” Web request / response processing supporting two communication methods – SOAP and HTTPS POST (JSON /XML)
  • Supports taxing of multiple items (transactions) via one Web request
  • Batch File Processing in various formats (flat/fixed width, CSV, delimited, etc)
  • Prepaid / Tax Included Calculations
  • Tax On Tax Calculations
  • Client specific overrides
  • Tax exemptions by line item supported
  • Multiple content months active for historical calculations
  • Reporting of Gross, Non-taxable and Tax Exempt revenue
  • Support for invoice-level calculations
  • Numerous response tax roll-ups / groupings available
  • Custom reporting and output file capability
  • Ability to perform tax “quotes”
  • Incorporates the most current CCH content structures and formulas
  • Announcing SureAddress.  The new address validation and scrubbing tool from SureTax.

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