SureTax Announces New Features For SureTax Telecom – Adding Coverage for New Technologies, New Tax Types and New Locations Around the Globe

    Posted on Tue, Oct 8, 2013

    CCH SureTax®, the leading provider of dynamic, on-demand communications tax calculation solutions, announces new features for their flagship product, SureTax Telecom.  SureTax Telecom now covers more communications technologies, more tax types and more locations, further enhancing SureTax Telecom’s ability to provide telecom related tax calculation whenever, wherever and however communications service is provided.

    “Over the past 18 months, SureTax has experienced unprecedented growth and acceptance in the marketplace.  ” says Mike Sanders, Chief Product Strategist– CCH SureTax. “The backbone of our product is the continual advancement of functionality to drive additional solutions  and add value for our clients. These new features add to the depth of our calculation services and with support for VAT rates, general sales and use tax and more emerging technologies, SureTax Telecom now completed more of the taxing process than ever.”

    SureTax Telecom now includes the following new features:

    1. Enhancement of the SureTax Revenue Allocation (Bundling) manager
    2. Application of VAT rates for over 220 countries
    3. Enhancement of data coverage for emerging technologies such as:
      1. SaaS, Software Licensing and installation
      2. Colocation and Cloud Services
      3. Computer and Networking Services
      4. VPN, Interconnected VoIP and Non-Interconnected VoIP
    4. Enhancement of coverage for general sales and use taxes including:
      1. Freight and shipping
      2. Leasing
      3. Nexus assignments and determinations
      4. F.O.B.
      5. Order placement and order approval
      6. Consumers use tax
    5. Ability to completely adopt user-specific tax policy customizations that drive tax determinations.
    6. Dedicated SureTax instances for high volume users and billers
    7. Mobile Quotes and Mobile Address through SureQuotes and SureAddress

    “Our customers tell us how easy SureTax Telecom is to use and how affordable it is,” says Brent Reeves, VP Business Development for SureTax.  “Because SureTax Telecom is delivered through the Cloud, they are able to move away from their legacy databases which saves them time, effort and money.  Plus, they receive the most accurate telecom tax calculation solution available along with tax calculation features that support their operations. These new features just reinforce the value of their decision to switch to SureTax Telecom.”


    About SureTax®
    SureTax® offers dynamic, on-demand telecom taxation solutions for new and existing VoIP and telecom providers driven by content from CCH, the industry leading global provider of tax, accounting and audit information. SureTax’s flagship product, SureTax® Telecom simplifies the complex world of telecom taxes with a robust, “real-time”, web-based tax calculation solution that is delivered as a SaaS cloud computing technology.

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