TeleBill, a leading communications billing software provider announces a successful integration with SureTax for tax calculations and selects GSAssociates to provide their customers tax compliance ser

    Posted on Fri, Jul 26, 2013

    Atlanta, GA — SureTax and General Solutions Associates have been selected by TeleBill, a premier billing and OSS solution for telecom providers, to better serve their customers.

    TeleBill has been a highly respected solution in the communications market and is widely recognized as a leading billing and fulfillment software package.  But they aren’t resting on past success.  With the integration of SureTax tax calculation solution for telecom, TeleBill continues to improve their solution offering full end-to-end communications billing, quoting, and tax solutions.  “Our customers business needs are shifting toward more complexity with regulatory liabilities becoming a larger component of costs.  With the new relationships we have formed with GSA and SureTax we can assure our customers the best in class support for efficient regulatory and tax compliance, and the results are already showing.  GSA is already converting our larger customers to their compliance support and cost reductions are already coming in.”  Paul Tucci, President of TeleBill. 

    SureTax brings the best-in-class communications tax content of CCH to life with integrations into the best in class billing and OSS providers such as TeleBill.  "We are excited to be working with Paul Tucci’s team.  Paul has been a leader in the communications industry for years” says Brent Reeves of SureTax.  “Many billing platforms today have limited taxation capabilities.  TeleBill realized that as the communications market evolves, understanding and properly implementing tax strategy becomes a bigger part of the business and is much more than just a necessary evil.  TeleBill was committed to find the best partner to fulfill that need for their customers. With the integration of SureTax, TeleBill becomes an enhanced tool fully recognizing the importance of a unified billing and compliance reporting engine” he notes.

    “Our goal is to give our customers the best tools available to improve every aspect of their billing and back office processes, and tax is a big part of that. We believe in focusing on what you do best, and this integration allows us to focus on the billing software solutions while providing our customers a direct relationship with the SureTax team. With the addition of SureTax, our customers now have a resource that they can lean on who is considered the most respected name in communications tax data.  This world class data is now available to TeleBill customers through this integration.”

    For more information on TeleBill SureTax, GSAssociates, and their full range of products and services visit their website at, and respectively.

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