Notes from TeleStrategies Telecom Tax Conference

    Posted on Thu, Jun 28, 2012

    SureTax had a great time in Orlando during the 2012 TeleStrategies Conference.  Our knowledge team was honored to be asked to present two seminars.  The first seminar entitled ‘Tax on Tax: Hall of Mirrors’  gave great insight as to how not properly handling Tax on Tax can cost you as much as a full percentage point of lost revenue and lead to liability exposure of even greater than that.  This seminar not only proved to be informative, but demonstrated how deep our team’s understanding is of even the smallest detail of taxation issues that can negatively impact your business.  Please visit our Resource Center to download the Power Point deck of "Tax on Tax: Hall of Mirrors."
    The second seminar was held as a roundtable discussion on handling taxation issues as it relates to trunk lines.  Again, the CCH SureTax team displayed a very impressive command of the subject matter.
    Overall the conference was very successful and once again proved that our depth of knowledge and commitment to serving your industry is second to none.  For more information on these two presentations or just to simply ask a question related to your taxation challenges, please contact us.

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