Announcing SureAddress, the advanced address correction solution

    Posted on Thu, Jun 28, 2012


    ATLANTA, GA. Announcing SureAddress™, the advanced address correction solution optimized for billing, taxation, direct marketing, and more. SureAddress enables companies of all sizes to improve operations by correctly identifying the correct situs down to the complete zip+4.

    SureAddress takes incomplete, misspelled, or otherwise incorrect addresses and “scrubs” them down using a robust algorithm to determine the correct address with complete zip+4. This corrected information is then used for proper jurisdiction assignment and mapping.

    “Incorrect address information always is a burden for companies who sell multiple products or services across jurisdictions. Sales reps, field reps and customer service reps often enter incorrect addresses in the system, and without realizing it, they can dramatically affect billing and taxation. SureAddress enables companies to automatically identify and correct these issues without having to interrupt the customer. SureAddress pays for itself by improving billing and taxation efficiency. For example, addresses can cross over a jurisdictional line, creating taxation issues that can lead to settlement expenses, interest and penalties. With the jurisdictional mapping capabilities of SureAddress, providers can rest assured that they have more accurate data for basing their tax collection and remittance decisions."

    Sure Address also makes sure your direct marketing dollars go farther. Target mailing lists are often incomplete or misspelled and seldom have an accurate zip+4. Processing the list through SureAddress before mailing improves deliverability, ensuring more of your promotional material actually reaches the intended recipient.

    SureAddress is delivered as a “real-time”, software-as-a-service (SaaS) based, cloud computing methodology. Utilizing an easy to use interface , SureAddress enables a streamlined workflow that is easily integrated into billing or tax systems.

    About the SureAddress team

    For almost 2 decades, the team behind SureAddress has extensive technical expertise in developing high volume, high security, transaction processing systems in areas such as Telecom Tax, VoIP Tax, Health Care, Payment Processing, and Government Search Database systems which are subject to extensive security and uptime protocol. SureAddress is hosted in redundant Type II SAS 70 co-located facilities in Atlanta, GA and Phoenix, AZ.

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