Telecom Tax including VoIP Tax

SureTax® Telecom - Designed Specifically for Telecom

With the explosion of telecom services and digital goods, telecom tax and VoIP tax has become a rapidly changing industry. It is critical that your company stays ahead of the curve. SureTax® is the most robust, real-time, accurate tax calculation solution designed specifically to support the evolving and complex tax calculation rules found in the telecom industry.

With SureTax®, your tax calculations are driven by the most complete, up-to-date information available from CCH—content so accurate even the IRS uses it. SureTax® includes research for all telecom services and related tax rules, covering virtually every jurisdiction in the U.S., its territories and Canada.

  • Designed to meet the specific demands of telecom taxation
  • “Real-time” web-based or batch telecom tax calculations
  • Driven by the most accurate and complete telecom tax content from CCH
  • Web-based cloud computing requires no software or hardware installations
  • Aggregated data for reconciliation, compliance and audit defense
  • Integration into a wide variety of billing or ERP systems
  • Customizable, on-demand reports of all related telecom taxes
  • Granular, non-taxable and exemption management

Comprehensive Service for Every Facet of Telecom

With extensive experience in every subset of telecommunications SureTax® Telecom provides comprehensive coverage for a variety of services, including:

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