Learn more about CCH Suretax Energy

CCH SureTax Communications

For all Communications Service Providers and Distributors.

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Learn more about CCH Suretax Energy

CCH SureTax Energy

For Energy Producers, Marketers and Utilities.

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Learn more about CCH Suretax Energy

CCH Sales and Use

For General Sales and Use Tax in Traditional, Online and Omnichannel Environments.

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Robust Tax Research Data

Tax research data from Wolters Kluwer, the worldwide leader in professional tax research, selected for your specific industry.

Industry Focused Tax Calculation

Tax calculation, optimized for high quality research data, tuned to your industry and configurable to your business requirements.

Reports That Keep You In Compliance

Detailed reports that provide the information you need for monthly compliance plus the calculation detail needed for audit support.

Data Connection for Easy Integration

Data connectors and options for APIs, ERP integration and offline files integrate CCH SureTax into your existing compliance infrastructure. SAP, NetSuite, Dynamics and Magento certified.

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"Our reputation, and our clients’ reputation depends on quickly and accurately calculating the proper taxes and regulatory fees to add to customer invoices.  We recommend CCH SureTax to our clients because we know and trust the tax research from Wolters Kluwer."

Robert Dumas, CPA Partner TaxConnex, LLC


Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting

Selected for 12th Consecutive Year by IRS to Help Millions File Returns


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